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CS Solutions complete feasibility study with Folium Optics

January 30, 2015

CS S complete feasibility study into laser protection goggles with Folium Optics

CS Solutions attended the Collaboration Nation event held near St Paul’s in London by the Technology Strategy Board, Innovate UK team on the 10th December 2014.


The Problem / The Solution

The cases of laser attacks on pilots around the world is increasing daily. CS Solutions and Folium Optics proposed developing goggles which could actively filter out laser light using flexible plastic lenses, fitted with a dye doped liquid crystal display.

The technology was successfully developed to a prototype device, using novel dyes from CS Solutions, developed to improve dichroic ratio (contrast between the on/off state) and to tune the dye absorbance to that of green laser pointers, most often used by people attempting to distract or cause temporary flash blindness to pilots on take-off and landing.

Folium Optics developed the electronics behind the goggles, allowing the “filter” to be turned on once strong laser light was detected.

The prototype was well received at the event and there are opportunities to continue the research and develop the prototype