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CSS Expansion Begins!

July 7, 2017

The CSS Kilo lab expansion has finally started at the Hexagon Tower in Manchester. Due to increased demand from our customers across all our services, (Research, Development and kilogram manufacture ) we have instigated the build of a new Kilo lab facility.

The kilo lab will be equipped with two state-of-the-art 50L jacketed glass vessels, a 10-50L rotary evaporator and a 20L Nutsche pressure filter-dryer. It has been designed to be multi-functional, providing 50L reactors for chemistry from -20C to >200C. All equipment has been EX rated in zoned areas allowing for high flammability solvents to be utilised  in the lab.

Work on the expansion is expected to last until August with equipment arriving throughout August and September. Recruitment for the kilo team is currently in progress (please see our careers page for details).

The lab is initially to provide kilogram quantities of specialist dyes, but will in the future be available for multipurpose usage.

More information to follow as the expansion progresses …