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HPLC Analytical Services

HPLC Analytical Services

Our customer trades in very high specification solvent and disperse dyes, but were finding inconsistencies between batches related to their strength and colour. It was believed that minor variations in coloured impurities between batches and manufacturers were responsible for these variations and they required test methods to determine the number of impurities present and the purity of the product. CS Solutions developed TLC and HPLC analytical methodology for 14 disperse / solvent dyes to separate the components of each dye mixture and determine the colour (maximum wavelength absorption) and amount of each impurity at varying wavelengths. This was achieved using a diode array detector and scanning across several wavelengths for the different impurities.

PM at HPLC 360x260


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CS Solutions now provide a quick turnaround HPLC analytical service to batch analyse their products and determine the quality against their high quality standards, allowing them to turnaround new batches quickly and with the confidence that the quality of the material is high and consistently excellent for their customers.