Chemistry Research

Colour Synthesis undertakes contract research on behalf of their clients in all areas of synthetic organic chemistry. We have technical expertise across a wide variety of chemistry and markets, shown in the inclusive but not exhaustive list below

  • Colour chemistry (e.g. azo, anthraquinone, rylenes etc)
  • Specific Chromophore / dye design
  • Heteroaromatic chemistry
  • Polymer functionalisation
  • Electrophilic aromatic chemistry
  • Cross-coupling reactions
  • High-pressure hydrogenations

If there are chemistries not listed above, which you have an interest in please get in touch to discuss how we can help you further

Research Contracts At Colour Synthesis

FTE Research Contract (Full-time Equivalent)
  • Dedicated Research chemists work alongside your R&D team to consult and help design of new molecules and synthetic pathways to novel chemicals to your specifications.
  • Free up over-stretched resource in your organisation by allowing our chemists to work on your projects, when you need it most.
  • Flexibility is key and an FTE contract allows you to stop research whilst evaluation and testing is completed. Targets can be changed at any time by you when the research changes direction.
  • You only pay for the time worked on your projects rather than time elapsed, making the process of research more cost efficient.
Contract Research and Development
  • The customer agrees set targets and specifications at the outset of the project
  • Projects can be multi-phased with multiple targets to achieve
  • Colour Synthesis will outline stage-gate agreement with deliverables outlined for each phase of the project.
  • Each phase can be quoted separately with the client’s ability to provide a go or no-go decision at each phase 
  • Contract research uses set and agreed pricing structure – always know what you will pay before commencement.
  • All analysis can be completed at Colour Synthesis and QC release gives you a guarantee of quality material.
Process Development
  • The Customer defines the required project targets and specifications to be achieved.
  • Colour Synthesis can either take known synthetic pathways and optimise them to give more cost efficient production processes or,
  • Colour Synthesis will develop and optimise new chemistry, where required, based on literature precedent and Colour Synthesis in-house know-how.
  • Once lab scale development and optimisation is complete, Colour Synthesis can scale up to 5L, 20L or 50L in-house as required for your stage of development.
  • Running processes in our 50L pilot plant provides a wealth of information regarding process parameters and safety prior to scaling up to manufacture.
  • Pilot plant runs with complete batch sheet protocols and risk assessments.

Working with us

  • Full client confidentiality, from initial briefing to project completion
  • Direct Communication with the chemist assigned to the project, with regular review meetings to discuss progress and results to help continually improve on compound performance
  • Intellectual property (IP) can be assigned to the customer as part of the body of outcomes of our research programmes. This will be discussed and agreed prior to the commencement of the project.
  • Certificate of Analysis, including (where appropriate) NMR spectra, Mass Spectrometry data and a purity analysis carried out on our state-of-the-art Agilent HPLC machines