Think of our team at Colour Synthesis Solutions (CSS) as an extension of your research and development, your production, your analytical team, you name it.

When you have a technical problem, product, service, test, essentially anything you need done pertaining to colour and related organic chemistry, you can come to us.

Our team will help you jump the hurdle and ultimately finish your project.


Because we know colour.

At CSS, our main priority is problem solving for our customers by accessing our full range of knowledge and resources.

From designing new molecules to improving existing ones to determining the chemical nature or safety of a given product, we cover the full spectrum to help our customers succeed.

We understand more than just the chemistry but also the application and business of colour, too.

We’re able to apply our expertise in creative ways to provide our customers with research-driven solutions.

In fact, recently there was a situation where one of our customers asked our team to look at two batches of material that passed and two batches that failed in their application yet the supplier claimed there were no differences.

Which posed the bigger question, was the customer right or were the materials OK?

This is where we stepped in.

Our team was able to not only generate a report but provide a complete process explanation which gave the customer the information they needed that they couldn’t get anywhere else and successfully refute the supplier.

The customer needed clarity and expertise and we delivered.

This is just one example of many that illustrates our aptitude and ability to deliver solutions to our customers. If you want to learn more about our products, services, and how we can help you too, contact us.