Colour Synthesis Solutions Introduced AP2020 at CAD RETEC Conference

Colour Synthesis Solutions Sales and Marketing Director Kelly Schaefer introduced our new product AP2020 during a presentation at the recent 59th Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) Color and Appearance Division (CAD) RETEC Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

In case you didn’t have an opportunity to attend CAD RETEC forum on new technology in Atlanta, here is a recap on AP2020.

“This is an upgrade of AP89(1), a testing protocol, which as the name indicates, has not been updated since 1989,” Schaefer said, explaining some of the background surrounding AP2020. “We have developed a new way to assess suitable purity for colourants used in food contact plastic materials.”

CSS Technical Services Manager Eric Andrews said to better understand AP2020, it is necessary to look back more than 30 years.

AP89(1) is a set of impurity specifications set forth by the Council of Europe Committee of Ministers and applies to colourants used in plastics materials coming into contact with food. It was adopted by the industry in the United States and Europe and this standard has been in place since September 1989.

“A lot has changed since 1989,” Andrews said. “That’s why the introduction of AP2020 is so significant. For approximately the same price as AP89(1) you now would have an additional 40 analytes that are being identified and quantified. The testing may be done on dyes or pigments. It may be done directly on the dye or pigment or on the migration fluid.”

AP2020 uses the building blocks of AP89(1) with increased detail and lower limits of detection. This applies to Primary Aromatic Amines, PCB and Metals. AP2020 satisfies new requirements of EC10/2011 Total PAA less than two ppb. Compliance with this regulation should go into effect in 2022.