Colour Synthesis Solutions is proud to announce our partnership with Austin Chemical Company, Inc. (ACCI).

ACCI was founded in 1976 as a sales and marketing company offering ingredients, raw materials, and intermediates to Life Sciences Companies.

Since then, the company has grown and offers PR&D, CDMO/CMO services, as well as technical solutions. Additionally, ACCI provides support to Fine Chemical Companies focusing on, but not limited to, the C.A.S.E. marketplace.

As the colour experts across the spectrum, we’re pleased to partner with ACCI as they:

  • Provide customers with one point of contact for intermediate and custom organic molecules
  • Offer a cost-effective sourcing solution that supports its customers’ development and commercial sourcing
  • Through our partnership, ACCI will be able to offer their clients not only chemical intermediates but also consultation and expertise to improve reaction processes or supplement client’s R&D efforts for new developments
  • Provide regulatory and analytical support to ensure product sameness and safety

This unique combination of proven, responsive sourcing and logistics knowledge with exceptional custom synthesis and analytical expertise provides ACCI’s and CSS’ clients access to a wide range of problem-solving capabilities.

These capabilities include but aren’t limited to initial creation and synthesis, supply of raw materials, manufacturing of the product, and ensuring safety and regulatory compliance. 

“Our partnership with ACCI is a natural fit and we look forward to offering our customers a well-rounded, comprehensive host of services that gives them the support they need from our chemists and ACCI’s technical distribution,” said John Andrews, President of Colour Synthesis Solutions, LLC.

Contact us today for more information about our partnership with ACCI.