Imagine your car running out of gas right before you reach your exit on the highway.

Or, the goalkeeper of your team letting in a game-winning strike as time expires.

In both situations, they were almost there but fell short.

A similar situation happens for some universities when it comes to licensing or commercialization of technology.

They have all of the information and resources they need to bring their idea to life but are missing one, integral piece of the puzzle.

They’re missing the required amount of chemical needed to sample for commercial testing.

How We Bridge the Gap

Whether it’s color or any organic molecule, our team at Colour Synthesis Solutions (CSS) can bridge the gap with our small-scale production capabilities.

If a university develops a product and is trying to commercialize their research, but it is limited to insufficient quantity, we can help to produce larger sizes as needed to sample and promote.

Our in-house pilot facility is staffed with expert-level chemists who will:

  • Become an extension of your organic chemistry lab and analytical services
  • Provide product rout development, optimisation, and scale-up
  • Produce mg to Kg for next phase testing and samples for potential licensees
  • Author batch sheets and risk assessments for tech transfer

Over the years, we’ve solidified ourselves as a trusted resource for universities when they need help scaling up or producing a small volume of products.

We’re proud of our proven track record and can say with confidence that our customers trust us. Our reputation is built on it.

Our team at CSS is flexible when it comes to structuring projects and contracts because our goal is to accommodate your unique needs.

Contact us today to learn more.