CSS’ Eric Andrews to present at Society of Plastics Engineers CAD RETEC Conference in Atlanta

Colour Synthesis Solutions Technical Services Manager Eric Andrews will make a presentation during the 59th Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) Color and Appearance Division (CAD) RETEC Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

Andrews’ presentation will discuss the impurities found in different types of PET and colour.

The conference, entitled “Color On My Mind,” will be held from September 19-21 at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis. CAD RETEC is considered the premier technical conference devoted to the colour and appearance of plastics.

“Colour Synthesis Solutions appreciates the opportunity to be a part of such a prestigious event as the RETEC Conference, which brings together a diverse and innovative group of the plastic industry leaders,” Andrews said.

The conference traditionally includes a wide variety of attendees drawn from educational, sales, technical and management roles in the plastics colour industry. Andrews’ discussion will focus on polyethylene terephthalate (PET), a light-weight plastic often used for packaging food and beverages.

“PET comes in many different grades. In the realm of food contact materials, these numerous grades can be divided into three application categories: drinking water bottle, carbonated beverage bottle and hot-fill/specialty grades,” Andrews explained while discussing his presentation, which will examine impurities and colour.

Additionally, CSS will present a new product offering that is an updated version of AP(89)1. This new product will be AP2020 and is a new analytical method that will quantify impurities to very low levels.