At Colour Synthesis Solutions (CSS), not only is our team focused on providing our clients with in-depth expertise in organic chemistry research and manufacturing, but in 2023 we are also looking to improve the sustainability of our operations.  

Pursuing sustainable processes is nothing new to our organization. In fact, in 2021, we received the Silver Rating following an EcoVadis Together for Sustainability (TfS) Audit. You can read more about this achievement in our blog post, EcoVadis TfS Results in High Marks for Colour Synthesis Solutions  

As part of our first reduce, recycle, re-use campaign, our 2022 focus was on reducing clean water use across our laboratories, which is why we have replaced our R&D water condensers with CondenSyn® Waterless Air Condensers and our large-scale reactor condensers and rotary evaporators with highly efficient chiller units, which have reduced our clean water consumption and improved our solvent recovery.     

This year, we have issued our Environmental and Sustainability Policy, which is committed to improving our approach to protecting our environment.  

Dr. Elizabeth Boreham,  is leading our internal efforts by finding  ways to monitor the impact of our activities on the environment  and looking for innovative examples of best practice which could be adopted at CSS to promote sustainability in all areas of our work.   

Our Environmental and Sustainability Policy 

Colour Synthesis Solutions Ltd (CSS) recognises its responsibilities to both the local and wider environment. It is committed to fulfilling its obligations and to sustainable development; to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.  

Concern for our environment is both integral and fundamental to our commitment to sustainability and our responsibility to continually improve the impact of CSS on the environment from our operations will be achieved via management performance through initiatives, controls and provision of resources, training and encouragement of all employees to be involved.  

To bring our policy to life, we’ve also implemented an Environmental & Sustainability Action Plan.  

Our Environmental & Sustainability Action Plan 

As a procurer, user and manufacturer of chemicals, we are accountable for our actions in the industry. CSS will promote continual improvement across all our business areas to help reduce our impact on the environment and improve sustainability in our industry.  

It will assess the environmental impacts of both our direct and indirect operations, reviewed on a regular basis with objectives set to improve our environmental performance. 

It will:  

  • Promote responsibility for the environment within the organisation and communicate and implement this policy from senior management to the whole workforce
  • Assess and reduce the use of critical resources such as energy and water
  • Switch to renewable energy sources where possible
  • Minimise waste by reduction, promoting the re-use or recycling of resources, equipment and chemicals
  • Ensure chemical & solvent waste, where not re-cycled, can be utilised in energy capture schemes
  • Ensure future policies and services are developed to complement this policy
  • Encourage involvement from all staff members at all levels to develop new ideas and initiatives to help reduce our carbon footprint
  • Provide the appropriate resources to meet the needs of this policy
  • Reduce travel commitments, using electronic meetings where appropriate, and promote sustainable travel for employees such as cycling to work or home-working where practical
  • Involve suppliers and contractors in environmental initiatives. 

The effectiveness of our policy is continually monitored and improved by management review.    

If you’re interested in learning more about how our team at CSS can help your business while upholding sustainable measures, contact Kelly Schaefer.