In business, problems are inevitable. Our team at Colour Synthesis Solutions (CSS) and the team at The Shepherd Color Company understand this and it’s why we’ve respectively dedicated our businesses to problem-solving.

At CSS, our trusted colour experts provide creative colour solutions, while Shepherd Color Brightens Lives by providing modern solutions.

So, when Shepherd Color came to us with a problem, our team sprung into action.

The Problem

Before a company can market a food contact substance, the United States Federal Drug Administration (FDA) must approve a Food Contact Substance Notification (FCN).

Until partnering with CSS, Shepherd Color had struggled recently to receive new FCNs from the FDA and found getting an ‘Opinion Letter’ from third parties to be expensive and slow.

The Solution

Eric Andrews, our Technical Services Manager, stepped in as the main point of contact to help Shepherd Color’s team navigate the requirements to obtain an FCN.

Thanks to our relationship with the FDA, Eric’s ability to communicate options and create a strategic plan, and our analytical capabilities, the project moved forward quickly, and the Shepherd Color team was empowered to test confidently.

As a result of the partnership, Shepherd Color walked away with a unique solution that improves the recyclability and sustainability of recycled food containers.

The Feedback

The feedback we received from Shepherd Color reinforced that our team of research-driven problem solvers not only understands the chemistry but also the application and business of colour.

“CSS helped us obtain an FDA FCN for not one, but two products – Black 10P925 for masstone black applications and Black 10F951 for tinting PCR materials,” said Mark Ryan, Marketing Manager at Shepherd Color. “This unique one-two punch gave us a competitive advantage our competitors can’t match.”

Our attention to detail and thorough reporting were also subjects of positive comments from the team at Shepherd Color. In fact, Marilyn Surrao, the Regulatory Affairs Specialist at Shepherd Color said, “CSS provided the best analytical report we’ve ever seen.”

If you’re interested in learning more about how our team at CSS can help your business, contact Kelly Schaefer.