From At-Home Experiments to R&D Chemist,

Meet Lukasz Wojtysiak


We are pleased to welcome, Lukasz Wojtysiak, the newest Research & Development (R&D) Chemist to join our team!

At an early age, Lukasz was drawn to organic chemistry. In fact, during his A-Levels, he bought lab glassware and performed experiments in his mother’s attic without her knowing. 

These secret experiments and his love for organic chemistry proved to be the foundation to build his career as an R&D Chemist.

Lukasz followed that passion and completed his undergraduate degree at Queen Mary University of London. During his final year, he conducted his research project on synthesising unnatural amino acids via aryne-mediated C-H functionalisation. 

He later received his Master’s degree at UCL where his research focused on the design, molecular docking, and synthesis of novel radiopharmaceuticals for the imaging of Kynurenine Monooxygenase using PET. 

Before joining Colour Synthesis Solutions, Lukasz worked for the University of Manchester’s spin-out company as a Research Chemist where he focused on synthesising monomers, dyes, and surfactants to prepare fluorescent nanoparticles. 

When Lukasz isn’t at work, he enjoys swimming and rollerblading, and for a short time, was even part of a rowing team. 

We’re excited to have Lukasz on our team to help us help our clients get to the finish line of their projects.