New Year, New Projects: Colour Synthesis Solutions Can Help

Despite the difficulties and uncertainties of 2020, our team at Colour Synthesis Solutions (CSS) remained focused on providing our clients with the expertise and service they deserve. 

In 2021 and beyond, we’re continuing this commitment and our trusted colour experts are ready to help you achieve creative colour solutions. 

No matter what part of the product development cycle you find yourself in, our team at CSS can step in and help get your current projects launched on a faster timeline or your new products brought to the finish line.

We do this by quoting projects in various ways including:

Contract Research – (Full-Time Employee – FTE Basis)

You’re not sure what product you want, you just know what you want your product to do. 

Through this partnership, dedicated CSS chemists will work alongside your team to help you design and synthesise molecules to your specifications for your application. 

These research programs can be stopped and re-initiated at any point by the client. This allows for testing of research samples or a change of research direction based on testing protocols. 

Pricing is based on time worked, not time elapsed. This structure allows for greater flexibility as research doesn’t have a definitive end. 

Custom Synthesis

You know the product you want but not the process to make. 

In this agreement, the client defines the target molecules and specifications. 

From there, CSS technical leaders will reverse engineer your coloured or non-coloured organic molecules and either design or take your in-house synthetic routes to produce materials from milligrams to kilograms as required. 

Prices are fixed and known so the client understands exactly what they’ll pay for with no surprises.

Toll Manufacturing/Pilot Lab – Kilo

You know the product you want and how to make it. 

CSS will provide complete manufacturing services to meet our clients’ volume needs. 

Though CSS is capable of supplying large commercial quantities, we understand early phase production requirements and niche products where volume may be limited to small batch sizes. 

We are able to resurrect dyes that are no longer commercially available.

Our pilot lab provides not only safe development of processes, but robust manufacturing at the kilogram level.  

While these are common ways we structure projects, our team is always willing to be flexible to tailor a customized program that fits your specific needs. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how our team at CSS can help your business, contact Kelly Schaefer.