Old dyes are new again! 

CSS has solutions to connect past to clients’ present needs

     You’ve probably heard the phrase, “Everything old is new again.” The once-latest trend in fashion, television or music disappears only to resurface years later as, yet again, the latest trend.

      Dyes once prevalent years or even decades ago have reemerged. Colour Synthesis Solutions (CSS) can help customers utilize these dyes in new or current applications.

      Over the years, dye manufacturers have consolidated or no longer exist. Many of their original products seemingly disappeared from the marketplace due to lack of demand, regulatory issues or they simply no longer were manufactured.

     While certain dyes originally might have been developed for specific industries, sometimes an innovative company might find a new market – or markets – for these dyes. But the current volumes did not support the manufacturers’ needs in terms of batch size.

     Colour Synthesis Solutions can bring back these dyes for your niche application. We also can take a dye and adjust some of its properties to improve performance characteristics.

     To illustrate this point, here are a few examples of CSS’ accommodating clients who found new uses for “old” dyes:

  • A client in the medical diagnostic industry many years ago used a dye created by large industrial chemical/dye manufacturer for tests that required exact chemistry. This industrial manufacturer departed the dye industry and this dye was no longer manufactured commercially. The client’s requirements were far too small to have large commercial manufacturers produce the dye to meet their needs. Instead, CSS developed the process, recreated the dye and manufactured it in small enough quantities to satisfy the client.
  • A major refining company used a specialty fluorescent dye for tracing and identification purposes. The company required a precise spectral curve. The product had been manufactured by a company that has since gone out of business. The client approached CSS to reproduce the dye and manufacture small quantities for their very specific testing needs. 
  • A major chemical manufacturer acquired a dye company that made a solvent orange dye.  The dye soon became discontinued.  A client in the food packaging industry approached CSS to develop a route of synthesis for this product because it has unique properties in PET resin.  The client now owns this route of synthesis and secured their supply chain. 

While these dyes might be “new” again, Colour Synthesis Solutions’ ability to meet the clients’ needs remains consistent.