Our Customers Trust Us. Our Reputation is Built On It.

We’ve built our reputation on the foundation of hard work, our expertise in organic chemistry, a rare knowledge of dyes, and most importantly, our customers’ trust.

As a company, we’re proud of our ability to problem solve and create solutions that help our customers grow their business.

In fact, there’s one story in particular that speaks to this and shows how through our dedication and determination we were able to solve the seemingly unsolvable.

The Palladium Problem

It all started when we needed to reduce the palladium content in one of our products to <1ppm from ~10ppm to achieve a high-specification product for the electronics market.

Sounds easy enough, right?

If only chemistry was always so simple!

The problem proved more difficult than usual because the product was both acid and base sensitive and the usual methodologies employed to reduce palladium failed to reduce the palladium below 2.5ppm, without causing significant degradation of the product.

To make matters more interesting, we couldn’t use nucleophilic scavengers to remove palladium due to the same product sensitivity.

All of these moving pieces created an intricate problem.

After several false dawns where we thought we had the solution, we were greeted with another roadblock that forcing us to re-think our approach..

But, that didn’t stop us.

Our team which is composed of colour experts across the spectrum, after many attempts, completely redeveloped the chemistry in the penultimate step of the synthesis to utilise a totally different catalyst and ligand system which allowed for a reduction in the palladium charge by approximately 30 times allowing us to achieve our customers specifications.

Through the use of our analytical expertise and high-specification services, and our focus on innovative organic chemistry, we were able to find the solution.

The end result of our efforts? The palladium content of our product was reduced to <0.5ppm using the new process and retaining our normal isolation and purification methodology.

No matter the project, our team will create a solution. If you’re interested in learning more about how our team can help you, contact us, today.