Project COBRA

CS Solutions Ltd form part of an international effort to improve performance of dye-sensitised solar cells

Early this year, CS Solutions Ltd secured a major grant from the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) to participate in an international research project on dye-sensitised solar cells (DSSCs). CS Solutions Ltd will work alongside Merck in Germany and 3GSolar in Israel on project COBRA for the next three years.

DSSCs are considered to be the next generation of photovoltaics and a cost-efficient alternative for harvesting solar energy compared to the traditional silicon-based cells. Indeed DSSCs do not require direct sunlight to operate and could be used on building facades or for indoor applications.

DSSCs use a photosynthesis-like operating principle and include three main components: a semi-conductor, a redox electrolyte and a dye sensitizer. The aim of the collaboration is to develop a high-efficiency DSSC, including new high performance materials, and to create a large area demonstrator module.

CS Solutions Ltd is contributing to project COBRA by using our chemistry expertise in the design and synthesis of novel high-efficiency sensitizer dyes, which will be assessed in test DSSCs. The dye candidates showing the most promising results will then undergo iterative structural modifications for further improvements in performances. The most successful dyes will then be scaled-up for the production of large area modules.

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