The Colour of Money?

CSS Can Help with Currency, Banknote Trends

Mention The Color of Money and movie buffs probably think of the 1986 motion picture starring Paul Newman and Tom Cruise.

At Colour Synthesis Solutions (CSS) we approach the colour of money from a different perspective. The currency and banknote industry continues to evolve. In an effort to keep counterfeiting low, security measures have been enhanced involving currency.

At CSS, we never will publicly disclose information on specific products. We uphold confidentiality standards when it comes to our clients and the chemistry specific to their currency needs. But we certainly have plenty to note regarding the product groups or ideas that CSS provides to help our customers who might need advanced security features for currency or banknotes.

The industry has focused on banknote designs characterized by more and brighter colours, additional abstract images, more vertical orientation, and a diverse selection of portrait subjects, including more female historical figures.

CSS can help in these areas.

We utilize design unique chromophores and can manipulate existing chromophores to change properties to be more compatible in various systems. At CSS, we work in both the visible and non-visible spectrum.

 We also can develop custom organic molecules outside of colour, and are capable of providing grams to kilograms size quantity of high specification products to help with the overall product development.

If you’re interested in learning more about how our team at CSS can help your business, contact Kelly Schaefer.