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Solar Dyes

We’re able to produce compounds for dye-sensitised solar cells (DSSCs), organic photovoltaics (OPVs), or intermediates and monomers for polymer-based organic electronics. A background in colour chemistry means that our team of expert chemists have a wealth of experience working with both novel and known heteroaromatic compounds, including cyanines, hemi-cyanines, fused-thiophenes, diketopyrrolopyrroles (DKPP) and benzisothiadiazole (BITZ) derivatives for a variety of applications.

CS Solutions Ltd are working on a long-term research project developing solar dyes

We’re currently developing a range of organic compounds for use in Dye-sensitised Solar Cells (DSSCs). In May 2013, we received an award from the Technology Strategy Board to help fund our work on novel sensitizer dyes, which is carried out in collaboration with Merck (Germany) and 3G Solar.

We have a specialist team of research chemists currently working on producing organic sensitizers for solar cells, as we believe that using organic dyes as sensitizers is the future of solar energy. Using organic dyes as sensitizers in solar cells has a number of advantages for the industry:

  • Potential for low-cost production by avoiding use of expensive metals such as ruthenium
  • Large absorption coefficients due to intramolecular π-π* transitions
  • Wide range of possible structures which are relatively easy to modify

Our long-term goal is to provide a more efficient and cost-effective alternative to ruthenium-based complexes currently used in solar cell dyes. Although our research into the production of solar dyes is on-going, we’re able to provide research quantities (up to 5g) of a range of intermediates for dyes for solar cell applications.

For more information about our work on dye-sensitised solar cells as part of project COBRA (organic cobalt-based low-cost printable large-area photovoltaics), please visit our partner 3GSolar’s website to read an article detailing the project outlines and a short overview of the type of work that we are carrying out.