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Experts in Custom Synthesis, Contract Research & Process Development

Contract Research

CS Solutions undertakes contract research on behalf of their clients in all areas of synthetic organic chemistry. We have technical expertise across a wide variety of chemistry, including

  • Reactive dye synthesis for textile applications
  • Colour chemistry (e.g. azo, anthraquinone, rylenes etc)
  • Specific Chromophore / dye design
  • Heteroaromatic chemistry
  • Polymer functionalisation
  • Electrophilic aromatic chemistry
  • Cross-coupling reactions
  • High-pressure hydrogenations

Our highly qualified chemistry team are able to use their knowledge and expertise to work in collaboration with our customers to design and implement a programme of contract research according to your specifications.

Unlike many other  contract research companies, we ensure that all the Intellectual Property generated during the project is assigned to the client.

In general our clients outline their synthetic target(s) with an appropriate specification to be produced during the contract research project. Any further background information that may affect our synthetic methodology, for example, where the product may be used in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals or electronic devices, is always discussed in detail and considered before agreeing on the final programme of research.

We are very flexible in our approach to managing your project and we will give you feedback throughout the research process as often as is required. Once research is underway, we can arrange progress meetings as required by you, to discuss results and offer any changes in project direction when required.

Working with us

Working with CS Solutions you can be assured of full client confidentiality, starting from our initial briefing and consultation meetings. Unlike many other contract chemical research companies, when we research on your behalf, we ensure that all the Intellectual Property produced during the project is assigned to you, the client.

One of the major advantages of working with CS Solutions is that we’re a small company, so our clients get to speak directly to the chemists working on their project and understand exactly how their project is progressing.

All products and intermediates supplied are accompanied by a Certificate of Analysis, including (where appropriate) NMR spectra, Mass Spectrometry data and a purity analysis carried out on our two state-of-the-art Agilent HPLC machines.