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Designing Dyes

At CS Solutions Ltd, we have an unrivalled depth and breadth of knowledge about colour chemistry that can only come from years of industry experience. Our skilled chemists can help you to design and synthesise coloured molecules for a specific application, prior to performing the synthesis.

We can manipulate different aspects of molecular structure to alter the following.

  • Colour intensity
  • Shade (i.e. chromophore absorption and emission wavelengths)
  • Solubility (e.g. for use in Liquid Crystals, scCO2, aqueous conditions)
  • Colour fastness
  • Dichroism
  • Substrate affinity

Unlike many other contract chemical research companies, we ensure that all Intellectual Property such as patents, trademarks or designs associated with the project are assigned to the client.

At CS Solutions Ltd, we’re happy to consult and advise you on various aspects of your colour chemistry projects, without necessarily carrying out practical laboratory work for you. In the past we have worked with large multinational companies who have their own laboratory facilities but who are looking for colour chemistry expertise. We’re happy to provide chemical consultancy on a range of subject areas, from chromophore design to kilo-scale process development.

Working with us

Working with CS Solutions Ltd, you can be assured of full client confidentiality, starting from our initial briefing and consultation meetings. Unlike many other contract chemical research companies, when we research on your behalf, we ensure that all the Intellectual Property produced during the project is assigned to you, the client.

All products and intermediates supplied are accompanied by a Certificate of Analysis, including (where appropriate) NMR spectra, Mass Spectrometry data and a purity analysis carried out on our two state-of-the-art Agilent (1200/1260) HPLC machines.

In order to price our work competitively, CS Solutions Ltd makes every effort to source inexpensive raw materials from our network of industry contacts.