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Process Development

At CS Solutions Ltd, we are able to carry out research to determine optimal conditions for scaling up a reaction to take a process from the laboratory up to full plant scale. This can range from maximising the yield and throughput of a multi-stage process to identifying the most environmentally friendly synthetic route to a given compound.

After discussions with our clients, we take time to study literature reviews and really understand the nature of the customers’ requirements. We aim to determine a scalable and reproducible process and endeavour to keep our clients’ interests in mind by avoiding the use of expensive and toxic chemicals. Our experts keep up to date with the latest in environmentally friendly synthetic methods and our processes are designed to minimise waste and impurities.

Having many years of process development experience, we’re able to use our network of industry contacts to source the cheapest raw materials in order to keep your costs down. We also have specialist equipment aimed to improve the efficiency of our process development research, such as a Radley Tornado, which allows us to carry out up to 6 reactions at a time with the same conditions altering one variable at a time (e.g. stoichiometry, pH, catalyst).

Process Development Carousel

Our reaction carousel improves process development efficiency

Working with us

Working with CSS you can be assured of full client confidentiality, starting from our initial briefing and consultation meetings. Unlike many other contract chemical research companies, when we research on your behalf, we ensure that all the Intellectual Property produced during the project is assigned to you, the client.

All products and intermediates supplied are accompanied by a Certificate of Analysis, including (where appropriate) NMR spectra, Mass Spectrometry data and a purity analysis carried out on our two state-of-the-art Agilent (1200/1260) HPLC machines.