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Pilot Plant Custom Manufacturing

The 50L pilot plant manufacturing facility at CSS was installed in October 2017 and the first kilogram batch of material was delivered in March 2018.

Our team of expert chemists will develop synthetic procedures to enable kilogram quantities of your products through our new manufacturing pilot scale plant.

The pilot plant was designed and built to enable CSS to continue to support our customers throughout their development programs, allowing CSS to generate more product for application or toxicity testing or producing final materials in kilogram quantities for market applications.

The facility is available for the custom synthesis or toll manufacture of your products, the development of new products, kilogram scale-up of known targets or the production of small volume (kilograms), high specification chemicals.

CSS will provide full support through the program, delivering not only high quality chemicals and intermediates, but full analysis packages, master batch sheets and safety data.

The Pilot Plant Facility

The Pilot plant contains 2 x 50L capacity glass-lined vessels capable of achieving temperatures in the range of -30°C to 200°C. The vessels and containing hoods are fully ATEX rated enabling high flammability solvents, such as tetrahydrofuran, to be used. The vessels were fully designed in collaboration with Chemglass in the USA and built to CSS specifications.

This allows CSS to not only to run reactions at 50L volume, low/high temperatures but also perform vacuum distillations direct from the vessels when required.

Working with us

Working with CSS you can be assured of full client confidentiality, starting from our initial briefing and consultation meetings, to molecular design and synthesis and finally to production in our pilot facility .

Quality Assured

All products and intermediates supplied to you by CSS are accompanied by a Certificate of Analysis, detailing the analysis data and pass specifications. Analysis is dependent on agreed specifications buy usually includes identification by NMR spectra and/or Mass Spectrometry plus purity analysis carried out on our state-of-the-art Agilent HPLC. For coloured molecules we always provide UV-Vis-NIR absorbance data as appropriate.