Toll Manufacturing

While Colour Synthesis is capable of supplying large commercial quantities, we understand that a little colour can go a long way which is why we see value in small batch production as well.

The pilot plant was designed and built to enable Colour Synthesis to continue to support our customers throughout their development programs, allowing Colour Synthesis to generate more product for application or toxicity testing or producing final materials in kilogram quantities for market applications.

Pilot Plant / Lab Resources

  • 11 x R &D Fumehoods
  • 3 x Walk-in Fumehoods
    • 1 x 20L glass lined reactor (-20C to 180C)
    • 2 x 50L ATEX glass lined reactors (-30C to 200C)
    • 50L ATEX Buchi rotavap
    • 115L ATEX Vacuum oven
    • 20-25L ATEX POPE jacketed filter-dryer
    • 20L scrubber unit
  • 11 x highly technical synthetic organic chemists
    • Experts in Organic synthesis
    • Experts in Colour and chromophores


Working with us

  • Access to world-wide network of raw material suppliers to ensure quality, competitive product
  • Full client confidentiality, from initial briefing to project completion
  • Certificate of Analysis, including (where appropriate) NMR spectra, Mass Spectrometry data and a purity analysis carried out on our state-of-the-art Agilent HPLC machines.