Designing Novel Dyes

In response to a recently introduced short range of competitive, technically superior products, one of our customers requested CS Solutions to identify materials which would provide an attractive counter offer. Essential requirements included technical performance at least equal to the competition, as well as attractive economics; additionally it was essential that any products developed were patent-free.

CS Solutions initially undertook a review of the literature (patent and academic), thereafter drew up a research programme that was agreed with the customer. This included the design of novel structures, followed by their synthesis and first phase technical evaluation. After this stage of the programme had been completed a second series of refined structures were prepared and tested and the process repeated until a series of optimised, patentable new materials had been identified. The whole process took less than 12 months. At this stage development of the materials on a plant scale was passed over to the customer: the products have now been introduced to the market and are selling well. As an essential pre-requisite to a successful project, regular contact was kept between our project managers and the customer throughout.