Novel Dichroic Trichromat

We were approached to supply a selection of reported and novel dichroic dyes to an existing customer for use in liquid crystals. The customer had little experience in dichroic dyes, but wanted improvements made to various properties, (including solubility, maximum absorption and dichroic ratio) of existing, commercially available dichroic dye products.

Our colour chemistry experts were able to analyse the types of chemistry involved and provide intellectual input into the design process for the novel dichroic trichromat. This included suggestions based on literature searches and examining published data on known compounds before altering the structure slightly to improve the properties which were most important to our client.

CS Solutions Ltd proposed a set of new compounds and initially synthesised four novel derivatives in research quantities, which gave a 75% hit rate on both solubility and dichroic ratio when tested by the client. Further improvements were made to change the lmax in order to optimise the shade and maximise colour intensity.

After the success of the initial dichroic dyes, the client proposed a further three projects to include a trichromat of yellow, red and blue dichroic dyes. Our customer is very happy with the products supplied and the project is now moving forward to commercialisation with CS Solutions Ltd being the intended supplier of the dichroic trichromat on a larger scale.

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